Re: Shoulder and flank muscle/fat wasting?


I have one *anecdotal* thing to add. This summer, Maggie was losing some topline, and more noticeably her quads. Her hair coat also didn't shed out properly for the first time, ever (she has been on pergolide since 2010).  ACTH was low normal. I tweaked the pergolide up anyway, with no result.  I added 30 grams of chaste tree berry daily (15 g am and pm). This is only half the recommended dose of 60 grams daily, but I had a little trouble getting her to eat it.  Her coat shed a little bit, but the amazing thing is that her topline and quads popped back within a month.  No doubt I could have gotten better results regarding the coat if I used the full dose.

Sorry, team - I meant to report on this months ago, and forgot.

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