Able's follow up blood test


End of the month Able will get his follow up blood test after being on thyroid l for 3 months.(Think I need to put that in his CH). Was shocked by his high numbers as nothing changed. Same hay everything.  Could it be because I had him tested  in the morning. Fed at 6:30am, tested around nine. 
Read that morning not good because first meal might rise insulin?
Should I have him tested more towards noon, with feed in slow feeder net up to then?
Vet suggested only test for insulin. Not glucose, is this a good idea.?
Just want to get a good base line. First test came back low numbers, but it was considered a fasted diet because took blood before breakfast,  second test came high tested 4 hours after breakfast. Just want to get it right this time.
Last question, seasonal rise does or does not affect an it horse. Fall is always terrible for us.
Again, thank you all for being there, and for all you do.
Thank you for helping  us help our horses.
Lori  Able & Bodie





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