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Just wanted to comment on the ODTB cube availability and pricing. I live on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada. I convinced a local feed store to bring them in for me last year. They were in the brown Ontario Dehy. Bags originally and cost me an exorbitant $35.00 each. We have to import them from Washington state & pay the extra fees on them. This year they arrived from Washington in the Triple Crown bags and my feed store agreed to reduce the price to me as I am the only one buying them & our Canadian dollar is doing better. Now I pay $30.00 a bag. What I don’t understand is that they were/ are a Canadian company and why they are unable to ship directly to us at a more affordable price. Having to import them back to Canada from the U.S. is ridiculous and it appears we are all paying the same price!!! I have 2 horses on them and it is is costing over $100 a month just for cubes. Sorry for venting.

Lindy Berkowitz

Lindy Berkowitz
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