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Thank you Eva,

I did # 3 but have not requested the second half.  Will look to getting that done on Monday after meeting with the vet/vets.  I have also done # 1 and it is almost at the end, 30 1 mgs for 3 refills, 10 days left I just counted them.  Will do # 2 before I leave to see the vet on Monday.

Thank you ever so much.

Kim Lee NW PA
Malachi (IR, PPID) Mateo (IR)

On Sat, Dec 9, 2017 at 6:51 PM, Eva <esestric@...> wrote:
Hi Kim,

I am a pharmacist in Oregon.  I too have had issues with veterinarians mis-understanding there ability to prescribe certain medications or dosages.  Although you may have a state difference I can offer some help you decide to work with your veterinarian or to move on to a new veterinarian.

1.  you are filling a prescription for cash (no insurance) - you may legally refill this at any time - even if you just refilled it yesterday for the full amount - as long as you have refills on the prescription.

2. call the state board of pharmacy for your state and ask the investigator or board member what the laws are in your state regarding the use of compounded pergolide vs pracend etc.  Reading the actual laws is daunting.

3.  call the compounding pharmacy you wish to use and speak to a pharmacist.  He/She can then call your vet to request a prescription for a safe dose explaining the wide variation in doses required as well as the legal implications.  

You may have to be persistent but I would go with option 3 first - I have had the most success this way.  Then my vet can discuss the legal issues with the pharmacy who would also be liable.

Good luck,


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