Question regarding possibly increasing Prascend


I am wondering if I should increase Stormy's prascend.  He is currently on .5 mg and his last blood work was 10-10-17.  His ACTH was 41.7 (a tad high).  I know we were in the seasonal rise.  He is  not drinking too much water, urinating too much, etc.  He doesn't have swollen eyes and I don't think his sheath is swollen.  What I am noticing is that he doesn't seem very happy, he seems more spooky than normal, a little low on energy (except when he wants to push his pasture mate around or when I take her out of the pasture without him).  (This is his normal behavior)  I lunged him today and on the way to the arena he was running around like a crazy horse  because his pasture mate was running to get some grass.  But once we got in, he became almost subdued.  He was slowly walking around on the lunge like he didn't really care.  Then on the way back to the pasture he acted like a bear was close by and was going to eat him.  His personality seems to be up and down.  His diet is tight.  I don't feel any heat or digital pulses in his feet, but I can't determine if his back right leg seems a little stiff.  He is not sore to the touch and will run around like a crazy horse  if/when he wants to.  I wonder if he twisted it a tad last weekend when we were lunging and he was running fast.  He had a ton of energy that day!  I have never had a lame horse so honestly I am not sure what I am looking for, although I really don't think he is.  Do they normally become lame in the front or back?  (just curious).

Any thoughts on the increase of prascend or other items that I discussed, I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Amy
- Amy 10-2016

Mooresville, Indiana 

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