Re: Crypto Aero?

Rebecca Constance

I have read with great interest this entire thread. As a former University Professor, I am scratching my head in wonderment and confusion as I read Anna's posts. For me, it is very simple: Would Anna's data, statements, assertions, and conclusions be accepted into a peer-reviewed journal for publication? Answer: Absolutely not, and the rejection letter from the Publishers would reflect many of the statements made by the various respondents, above. I find it very disturbing and also irresponsible that she is promoting her product on this site in such an evangelical and aggressive manner. I get the sense that she has an axe to grind with Dr Kellon, and it is not an attractive thing to witness. I do not need hard data from a journal to tell me what I know experientially after several heartbreaking years of trying to help heal my severely metabolically compromised horse (IR and Cushings diagnosed since age 13, pre-disposed genetically to it): His total ESC plus starch cannot go above 10% or he will eventually become laminitic. Period. I have plenty of evidence to support this, and I admit that I was in denial about this for some time, thinking that when this happened or that happened or that other thing happened he would be more like a 'normal' horse. I learned the hard way that this just is not so, and, that there is no magical 'cure' for a horse as severely metabolically compromised as mine. I've had five vets now tell me he would have been dead long ago if I were not his owner, because very few owners they have encountered would do for him what I have done (specifically, rearranged my entire life and my career so that I can soak his hay as needed, and to be at the barn at least 2 times a day to give him exemplary care on every level). What ultimately helped him is when I began to follow to the letter every recommendation made in this ecir group, with no shortcuts and no exceptions. Balancing his minerals made a huge difference, and really seemed to put him over the hump. BTW, I would never trust anyone's product if the person who is promoting it recommends Himalayan salt blocks. It saddens me to think that there are vulnerable horse owners out there who might believe all of these unsupported statements of Anna's and all the hype around her product, with possible disastrous results. One can only hope that she will tire of sparring with knowledgeable and well-informed members and facilitators here, stop tilting at windmills, and cease insisting her product will cure Cushings and IR horses.

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