Re: Sahara - hoof pics uploaded

Cheryl V.

Her feet are quite long all around actually.  Not sure why they've grown so much though!  It's been 4 weeks since her last trim and as I said trimmer will be here the day after Xmas.  Anything specific I should ask her?  This mare usually grows more up and down than forward whereas my Paint mare grows forward which pulls everything that way and then her whole foot spreads... I think my trimmer was being rather gentle in her trim the last time just due to the pain and without xrays she can't tell for sure if the mare has sunk.  I have the vet scheduled to come out on the 5th of Jan and hopefully we'll be able to keep that date to get rads done.

Thanks Lavinia!


Cheryl and Sahara
Lenhartsville, PA, USA
Sept 2017
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