Re: OBTC in Place of Beet Pulp

Aurelio Henriques

Hi, Lynn,
   The ODTB cubes can be fed as part of the diet or even the sole diet. It replaces hay at about 3:4 ratio dry weight. Meaning, rule of thumb, 3 lbs of cubes replaces 4 lbs of hay.

Ontario Dehy
Goderich ON


On 12/22/2017 10:35 AM, Rosalynn Myers wrote:
I am having to go to the emergency diet for Harley. I will be soaking hay even though it is below freezing. Rather that trying to introduce beet pulp, can I feed OBTC as part of his diet. I am waiting on Uckele to balance my hay and mix a mineral supplement. Also waiting on a delivery of Uckele's LaminOX.
Lynn and Harley


Oct. 2010 

New Mexico

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