Feeding powdered compounded Pergolide IN the feed

Sandy Carr

I have always dosed Andy's Pergolide (with his ALCAR and a little water) in a dosing syringe...to be sure the meds go IN the horse.  Now situations have changed:  we have bought a farm in WA State and will not be near folks who would feel comfortable doing the dose syringe but could feed the concoction mixed into his Haystack pellets, J-herb, minerals, salt and Vit E.

Question:  Could I mix the Pergolide into his pellet meal and leave it behind for a new neighbor to feed?  (He cleans it all up!)  This would remove the need to trailer him an hour one way to be boarded overnight at a friend's every time we will be gone overnight. (Fingers crossed.)

Question:  If so...should this mixture be refrigerated?

Thanks and Happy New Year!


March 2017, Elma, WA, USA

Case History:  https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Sandy%20and%20Andy . 
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