Re: Freitag's Video

Cheryl V.

I so very much appreciate seeing videos like that... when I first started researching what my mare has I very much had a bleak outlook on her future and to be honest I was basically looking for ways to just make her more comfortable.. I really didn't think there was any hope of being able to see her feel good enough to move faster than a stiff walk... she's still in pain and it breaks my heart every day that I'm not able to speed things up for her but I am finally hopeful that we might some day get her feeling no pain!  We're still at the beginning of our journey and things are moving rather slowly due to limited finances but we are making baby steps forwards.  I have bad days where I get disgusted and frustrated but having this group as well as a very patient and thoughtful trimmer has made it bearable.

Thanks for all the time that the volunteers spend here as well as the kindness from everyone.. I'm hoping that in a years time I'll be able to say that my mare is one of the success stories!


Cheryl and Sahara
Lenhartsville, PA, USA
Sept 2017
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