Re: Sahara - hoof pics uploaded post trim.

Cheryl V.

Oh yes!  We're definitely treating the thrush and her poor non-existent frogs... that's gotta be what's making her the most sore.  After some brainstorming we decided to get some padding from Lowe's.. that anti fatigue matting?  We cut it to fit and duct tape it on... under that in her frog area I have cotton padding soaked in a mixture of foot fungus cream and triple antibiotic ointment... it's stayed on pretty good so far but we're guessing it'll only stay on for a couple days at most... no big deal to change it.  We'll do it when she's eating since she's so flipping hard to catch!  Daily treatment didn't work after about three days she wouldn't even let us near her.  We're also limited in her housing.. no way to change the footing since we rent the place so we're trying to keep the dirt she's on as level as possible with it being frozen solid.  It's a work in progress... we also don't have any stalls to put them in.


Cheryl and Sahara
Lenhartsville, PA, USA
Sept 2017
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