Re: Sahara - hoof pics uploaded post trim.

Cheryl V.

Thanks so much Jaini for the detailed response!  Your ability to explain things the way you did has helped more than you could ever know... this past month has been a lot of lightbulb moments for me and I'm greatful for everyone's help and ideas... the sandpaper idea is awesome!  
I am currently working on the CH, will upload it as soon as I'm done, have a different vet scheduled for the 5th of January, recommended to me by a member here... still waiting on my j-herb and alcar to be delivered. Order isn't even processed yet due to a mess up at the bank.. long story but we're slowly getting things in order!  I feel hopeful that with time the old girl will be feeling better!  
She's always going to be a pasture ornament but at least she'll be a healthier one after all things get done!


Cheryl and Sahara
Lenhartsville, PA, USA
Sept 2017
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