Re: Sahara - hoof pics uploaded post trim.

Cheryl V.

Not sure if you can tell or not from the pics but if you look closely you can see the damaged lamina on the front left dorsal pic.. she's favoring that one quite a bit right now.  This frigid stretch we're having currently is making it really bad on all the horses as far as movement goes.   The old girl basically just shuffles her feet around to the different piles of hay.  I'm thinking this is due to the ice since the two young ones are also walking stiff legged.. kinda like we do on ice.  As far as I can tell Sahara has been landing heel first from the beginning but lately, since she really isn't walking out it's hard to tell.  I'm not wanting to risk her safety on this ice to make her walk either.  Although the day the trimmer was here the old witch trotted away from me when I tried to catch her!  I tend to wonder at times just how much pain she truly feels.. I've seen her hobble around like she's in agony when she knows I'm watching but then when she doesn't know I'm watching I've seen her go after my other mare almost at a trot!  I've begun calling her the drama queen... is it possible for a horse to fake being in pain just so they get more attention?  Nahhh... I doubt it but I swear that's what she does lol


Cheryl and Sahara
Lenhartsville, PA, USA
Sept 2017
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