Re: Switching from Prascend to Pergolide Mesylate dosage #pergolidestrength


Hi Linda,

I have been using Pet Health as well. They are PCAB Accredited which means they have to follow specific standards and guidelines for compounding procedures, cleaning, record keeping, testing of products, and safety of products dispensed and pharmacy staff as well.  Unless requirements have changed for PCAB Accreditation in the last 3 years, it also means that they have passed an inspection separate from state and federal inspection.  Of course, there are non-accredited compounding pharmacies out there that follow similar guidelines and standards and are very good pharmacies.  But,  I like the assurance there is an inspection of the pharmacy and testing of the products that comes with the accreditation. 

I have had a very good experience with them and they have always been prompt with the shipment. The staff I have spoken with have always been helpful and friendly. 

Stephanie Thomson August 2, 2016


Liberty, Missouri

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