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Hi Pat,


I board my horse and know exactly what you are facing. Very limited options and support. And I know about small crappy paddocks with no shelters! Hang in there and get the protocols in place. That is the most important project.


After that, if you have time and fortitude, look around and see if you have other boarding choices you can afford. Check online to see if there are any equestrian pages where people can ask questions about boarding. In my area, there are two on Facebook like that: one is for my county, the other is for my state. There is also a county farmers’ group, and the cooperative extension office. Again, something to do only after the protocol is in place and you feel comfortable about doing more homework. It’s impossible to do everything at the same time.  You may get lucky and the farm owner may change his mind about you making small changes to the property after seeing how Savannah progresses.


Good luck! You are doing wonderfully! My horse survived horribly long toes too.



Karin & Inky

Forest, VA


July 27, 2015







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Thanks LJ.  I love the support I'm getting.  It is a NO to the elec. fence and a muzzle isn't the answer.  He said he's putting my horses in a small crappy paddock.  I mentioned it in a comment above.  I'm so angry.  I just have to take it one day at a time or I'll explode.  Looking forward to Savannah's new trim making a world of difference for her.  She's such a lovely girl.  I had no idea she was in such pain because of the long toes.  Lavinia and Dr. Kellon said it's like pulling our fingernail up from the skin.  OUCH... 

Pat and Savannah
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
January 2018 

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