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 Hi Jaini,
 Thank you for your reply. You summed up my situation well, frustrating:)
 I am currently focusing in on ‘mare issues’. I have never noticed any of the typical signs that would have indicated that this was the culprit, but by process of elimination, this is one I knew was left on the list. Her last bout of footiness/subclinical laminitis was the first week of January. Since this time of year mares are typically in anestrus, cycles will be irregular, if present at all, and it will make it difficult to match up her symptoms with her cycle. She has never been a mare that shows her heat cycles.  
 You mentioned the TRH stim test as something still worth trying? I had crossed this off my list because I felt PPID, even early PPID was out of the picture, due to the fact that she was on 1 tablet Prascend from October 7th to January 29th, and during that time had at least the one bout of foot soreness. Maybe 1 tablet was not enough?  She was on Prascend for the January labs, and still insulin was greatly increased, although ACTH was normal. I guess my understanding was that if a horse is early PPID, not testing with a indicative high ACTH, but insulin is not regulated, if this type of horse was put on pergolide insulin would become more regulated not less regulated. My vet consulted with our university equine medicine vet on Splash’s situation and his thought was that her insulin was high due to the fact that she was a non-PPID horse, on pergolide, which has never been tested for the effects it can have on a non-PPID horse, and this was a possible cause of her high insulin. This felt a bit like grasping at straws to me. 
 I agree, a diagnosis would be a great tool to have to help Splash. I really appreciate your input. I don’t have anyone else to ask and it means a lot to get your feedback. If I can’t find a way to help her, I can’t watch her suffer. 
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