Re: 22 y.o. Arab Gelding Diagnosed w Acute Laminitis - Attn Adrienne


I do not want to sound pushy with this post....however, I have just finished reading your posts about your horse and all of the helpful replies from other members. I know a moderator sent you the "Welcome to the group" package. Please take the time to make a signature for yourself and start the first online steps of documentation. People really want to give you advice that is appropriate for your horse and your communications with vet and farrier. But we really need you to help us help you. I am including an excerpt from our Wiki pages that is specific to new members. Anything in blue text is clickable. I hope you can manage to get started with a signature and joining the case history group. Welcome, I am glad you found this group!

Steps for Getting Support:


1. Download and fill out the Case History Form.  Without a case history the support team cannot help you. If you are using a tablet or smartphone to access the group and cannot download the form Click here and request an email with the Case History Form attached. Then go here for further device-based instructions.

2. Join our Case Histories sub-group. The blue “Join This Group” button is located at the bottom of the page.

3. Follow the case history file naming and uploading instructions located at the bottom of the Case History form

4. Make your ECIR Signature. The support team needs to know who you are, your general location, the date you joined the group and the links to your case history and photos. Use the automatic signature feature to include these details at the bottom of all your posts.

5. Start a new message in the ECIR Forum and post your questions.

6. While waiting for a reply start helping your equine right now by reading the New Member Files

7. Go to the The ECIR Wiki and read the pages marked with a red asterisk for rules and instructions to help you navigate our group and to properly post your information. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

Information about PPID, IR and our DDT+E approach to managing these conditions is at You can also follow us on our Facebook page.

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