2 weeks into ecir protocol...

Tina Hughes

We are two weeks into the protocol. Honey's udder is no longer swollen, eyes while still crusty a bit first thing in the morning---but not goopy throughout the day, appetite is back from veil.

My concern is her mental state, it is swinging like a pendulum.  She is, under the best of circumstances, a tad bit of a nervous Nelly and has been moved twice this month from a very stable, long term environment. i understand that the move is likely a contributing factor but even prior to the move and starting the protocol, she was exhibiting this heightened mental state.

She is uncharacteristically calm in her new paddock but quickly becomes hypervigilant and anxious when taken to other areas of the ranch.  I am trying to introduce the new environment slowly---maybe 15 mins of work in-hand outside (say in an indoor) and another 10 minutes of just walking around the ranch to familiarize her with the critters and layout of the place.  She spends the rest of the day in her paddock where she appears comfortable.

Just wondering how common this is and for those of you who have dealt with it, or are familiar with other members who have----how long did it take to subside?  She is getting 6 ml's of APF with her 1 gm Prascend.   Her hay is tested and diet is balanced.  I haven't had the water tested yet.

Thanks for all----
4/2014  Santa Rosa, California
Honey Case History:  https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Tina%20and%20Honey  .
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