Re: 2 weeks into ecir protocol...

Tina Hughes

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  She does lie down to sleep.  She was previously in a herd of maybe 15 horses and honestly didn't have much of a role within the herd. She spent a fair amount of time hanging on the fringes and was pretty much ignored. 

As mentioned, she had started this hypervigilance/anxiousness prior to the move.  I passed it off as her becoming "herd bound" but now am wondering whether or not it was related to the PPID. I'm hoping it may be and that it will subside some as she becomes more balanced---it isn't any fun for either of us.

Thanks for the suggestion to start dialing back the APF.  She doesn't give me any guff when I syringe in the pergolide but clearly doesn't like the APF!
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