Re: cabergoline changeover???


I’m following along with interest to see how this goes.  I’m very interested in how you plan to make the transition?  I haven’t read anything about doses, except a quick mention of ‘fixed dose’.  A 5 mg Cabergoline dose was compared to 2 mg of pergolide.  How does 20 mg of pergolide translate?   Would you test ACTH to verify that it’s working and when would you do that?  

In terms of the goopy eyes, have you considered dissolving one of your 20 mg capsules in water and dividing it among 10 syringes to increase his dose for ten days?  I would definitely test his ACTH before and ideally after.  Then decide where to share your findings.  I’m not sure why your vet draws a line between 20 and 22 mg.
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