Re: cabergoline changeover???

LJ Friedman

My vet doesnt draw the line at 20 to 22?  He has been reluctant to increase since 16mg..  ( I increase at 2 mg intervals)  and I'm pretty sure he has reached his comfort level...  as far as cabergoline... if the regular dose doesnt keep acth level in normal range..  I'll be disappointed,,I believe it is supposed to????     $3.75 a day is how this translates out... to go higher.. ie even double..  would be disappointing... and Id consider a change back to cp at higher dose.s.. As far as the eyes,, they are slightly goopy.. I use prascends when I want to titrate till the new cp dose arrives... I am testing acth and insulin on tuesday;;; I have a funny feeling that the fenugreek that I started a few weeks ago, is going to help with insulin...  ( gotta be hopeful)   Jesse was just body clipped so his muscles show,.. and that pleases me..  He will be 28 on august 26th.  

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