Re: Savannah’s trims

Pat Gauvreau <pgauvreau@...>

Hi Elizabeth 
Thanks for your kind words. I get more support from members in this group than from people that see me and Savannah everyday. I get the feeling they think I’m cruel to keep trying to fix her. They keep telling me to put shoes on her and worse. The people I meet aren’t aware of the new methods of treating laminitis through proper trimming, changing diet and free exercise. One lady said I spoil my horses because I brought in pea gravel, but that’s a must have to her recovery in my mind. I try to practice the Golden Rule with animals.  
You’re so right. It does seems like sometimes there’s no progress and it’s those times when it’s harder to defend my methods to those that criticize what I’m doing. I must say that Savannah appears to be walking with less pain lately. I’m afraid to get too excited because she could go backwards again after next trim. I’m in a state of holding my breath.
Doing something nice for myself I leave up to my husband. He takes me out for dinner quite often to save me cooking at the end of the day.
My horses have always been my treasure. Not gold or diamonds.  Savannah completes me like no other. I owe her my best efforts. I look forward to happy trails again. 

Pat and Savannah
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
January 2018 

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