Re: 2 weeks into ecir protocol...Now heading into 5th week

Tina Hughes

In short:
January weather in CA was like spring/early summer, horses started shedding out
Jan 2018---New signs:  excessive sweating & heightened spooky/anxious/hypervigilant behavior, weight loss
Continued signs: udder swelling, goopy or runny eyes
Feb 26th---Tested PPID and IR, had dental to rule out as contributing factor for weight loss and eyes examined to rule out cont. factor for increased spookiness
Mar 11th---Moved to new stable, completely off grass, diet balanced
Mar 17th---Moved to yet a different stable
Mar 18th---Pergolide up to 1 mg/APF 6 ml
Mar 26th---Reducing APF
Apr 9th---APF down to 1 ml
Improved signs: udder swelling completely resolved, goopy or runny eyes are better but still present
Unimproved or enhanced signs:  excessive sweating is about the same but her anxious/hpervigilance has increased.

She is very relaxed and calm in her paddock.  It is as though her reaction to a stressor goes from 0 to 10 immediately and it hovers btwn 8-9 until she returns to her paddock. 

Yesterday I asked someone to put their very calm gelding in a drylot turnout next to her to see if she would settle down at all as she was running the fence line, head high, cantering (unusual) and throwing in the occasional buck.  The only behavior that changed was that she'd lower her head ad pin her ears while passing the gelding.  After about a half hour, we put the gelding in with her and she completely ignored him and continued to run the fence line. 

Do you think I'm dealing with mare issues in addition to PPID and IR?  Before testing her I did start her on CTB but stopped once I started the pergolide---she was only on it for about 7 days and I did not see any significant improvement.

I will test her ACTH beginning of next week as she will have been on the 1 mg dose for 4 wks. by then.  I feel so bad for her.
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