Re: 2 weeks into ecir protocol...Now heading into 5th week

Tina Hughes

She was an alpha mare, at one time, but she hasn't been for a couple years now.  In the herd I referred to she didn't have a well defined place, that I could identify. She was always on the periphery and would always relinquish her food when another came along but she wasn't pushed around like a bottom of the herd horse sometimes is.  That said, she clearly felt more secure within the herd.

The curious part is that this heightened behavior started a good three months prior to the first move---perhaps coincidentally with the longer, warmer days.  I will get the diazepam---it certainly can't hurt.

Would you recommend not taking her out of her paddock?  I was trying to help her by establishing a routine but it must feel so crummy for her to be that anxious.
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