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Google Happy Grazer.  You can buy just their nets.  Look at the big red feeders and read or watch videos about how they address concerns about shoes.  I buy their nets for the big red boxes and thread them into a behlens plastic grey tank that is 6x2x2 feet.  There is an issue with the nets shrinking with use, and the horses not being able to to get into the corners.

With these, rain is annoying.  They do not drain well, and you have to hand remove the hay that gets wet.  It goes rancid fairly quickly.  You could drill a lot more holes.  Hay goes rancid pretty quickly.

I firmly believe that having the horse eat with their heads down is quite important.  I had s horse with an Atlas joint soreness that i believe came from using violent head motions fof shaking nets.

The cinched up closue on these nets is the best, and their heavy duty version lasts s long time.

As an alternative, there are metal frames (used to be called Tough Ones) that flips down on a stall wall.  You might be able to find a way to put them on posts in a pasture with a backing.

There are also efforts to modify blue food grade 25 or 50 gallon barrels to make feeders.

I highly recommend the Happy Grazer toughest net versions.  Easy to load.

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Gail Russell 8/30/2008 .

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