Re: Okay To Substitute Uckele Cocoomega For Ground Flax?

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Ha!  Might have found it deep in the messages:
Why do flaxseeds need to be ground?
The hard outer shell of the whole flax seed needs to be broken in order
for any health benefits to be imparted to the body. Otherwise, the seeds
just get passed through the body and get excreted via the bowels. So
any seeds not being ground by the teeth, simply pass through. Concerning
grinding your own whole flax seed -- not only does it take you extra
time and energy -- but you also have to be careful about the stability
factor, because flax that hasn't been stabilized can go rancid if not
properly stored. You have to refrigerate or freeze any leftover ground
flax. Then you have to be disciplined enough to diligently clean out
your grinder (most folks use a small coffee grinder) to make sure the
ground flax is totally cleaned out.

The part about the hard shell seems to ring true. 
Here is the link to the original message which did not seem to get any replies.  
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