Compounding Pharmacies #pergolidestrength

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Speaking of compounding pharmacies, if you really want to check them out:

  • When you call, make sure you are ONLY speaking to a licensed pharmacist. In most states, it is actually illegal for anyone else to answer your questions.
  • If the pharmacy is not located in your state, ask if they have a nonresident license to sell drugs in your state then verify with your own board of pharmacy. If they don't, you could find your supply cut off with no warning. That has happened to members here.
  • Check with the board of pharmacy to see if there have been any complaints/disciplinary actions involving the pharmacy. These are a matter of public record but not always the easiest thing to find online.
  • Ask what other states the pharmacy may have been located in before, other names it may have operated under, and repeat the same process of asking that pharmacy board about problems.

Eleanor in PA 
EC Owner 2001

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