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HI Genevieve,
I just went through and organized your case history folder for you.   You now have 2 sub-folders: one for Rose and one for Victor.  None of the links in your case history form are working so you can rename your main folder if you like (don't forget to change the link to it in your signature).  Broken links when throughout a case history is often due to using a different program than actual Microsoft Word or maybe the program used to convert to pdf.  Hard to say as these formatting issues grow more and more complicated with time. 

The links  to blood work documents may already have been broken as I needed to move Rose's information into  her sub-folder and I also removed 6 blood work files as the results are recorded in Rose's case history.  We ask that that blood work documents are uploaded only in emergency situations and are removed when the results are put in a case history.  CBCs, Blood Chemistry  and other complicated blood test results can be put in the blood work folder forever.   In Rose's blood work folder, the remaining file is a Blood Chem test and so can stay.  I emailed you the removed files in case you need them. :-)

If you have any more questions about how to use your folder or do the links, don't hesitate to ask but if you need answers faster check out  How to Use Your Case History Folder

- ​LeeAnne

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