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Hi, Nancy and LeeAnne.
Thanks for all you do, btw. For the first time ever, Cayuse's leptin tested normal and she's compensated IR. That's the CH I'm working on. It would never have happened without this group.

I asked about the CH document because I mix hays and discard feeds and supplements or feed them seasonally. Too much information can make the current ration less obvious at a glance. It's awkward to put a date span in the current form (now I'm just whining). I'd check for an updated CH form, but the idea of re-entering all that info for 2 horses makes me insane.

An example in the hay section: the amount of hay I feed shifts over the year as supply is consumed and/or I remix hays to get a better mineral balance or incorporate a new hay or the weather changes, requiring a ration increase.  Any change in hay causes changes in minerals. Tracking all of that on the CH seems like TMI. I've settled for listing the current ration any time I ask for help. 

I try to keep the current info at the top of any category, discontinued items further down by cutting and pasting. Even that seems like a lot of work for busy horse owners who aren't old retired women like me.
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