Re: How long to notice improvement after increasing pergoloide

Lorna Cane

Ok, good.
I'm guessing each capsule contains 1mg.
1 gm would be way too much.

Just a suggestion....breaking the capsules apart sets you up for losing some of the drug. It also means that,unless she eats every single last bit from her bucket,you can't be sure she's getting the entire dose.
I've done it both ways, but have used a specially- dedicated handful of food,to contain the powder, so I knew it went down the hatch.
Or I've added it to a syringe,already containing a bit of liquid. I don't find this very accurate, but maybe it's just me.
Usually you can successfully hide such a small capsule in a peanut shell,prune,moistened soy hull pellets,etc.Or even tuck it into the side of her mouth,watching carefully.
I'm lucky with my ancient mule,and can just set it into the top of his soy hull pellet mush.

We just want not to  be ,unknowingly, getting the incorrect dose into them.


Lorna in Eastern Ontario, Canada
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