Mini Archie - Post Trim, Hay Analysis, and Hay Soaking Questions


My mini did great after his trim on 8/17 and continues to do so. I added some post-trim pics to our album last week.

I received the sugar and starch results on the 3 lots of hay that I have on hand and added pics of them to our photo album. If I'm interpreting the results correctly, all are under 10%, but not by much. And the lowest one, the Coastal 3-String, is of course the one that I have the least amount of left. This is the one I have been feeding him, soaked, since mid-July. The one labeled Coastal Pilot Point was the one he was being fed for 2-3 weeks prior to when he became sore and was a new load. When I realized he was hurting, I switched him back to the 3-String, but did not start soaking it until I joined this group. 

I have plans to be out of town for a weekend next month and have a pet sitter that I normally use come twice/day to feed the horses. Since she will not be able to hang out in the barn for over an hour while the hay soaks and drains, would it be ok for her to put the hay in the water and leave it there overnight or all day so that she only needs to drain it before feeding it? Or are the numbers low enough that it can safely be fed dry?
Laurie and Archie
July 2018 -  Texas
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