Re: Welcome to Patricia and Dancer; photos for review

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Patricia,

Glad to hear Dancer is doing better.

Yes, I took a look. I will get you mark-ups in time for the Sept. 3rd appointment so you have something to show the farrier on what needs to be done. On the last rads, there was slight bony column rotation on the RF,soles were somewhat thin, some possible slight medial-lateral imbalance. Will wait to do them until you have the new rads posted.

Rasping down the wall is a cosmetic fix that just thins the entire dorsal wall and will "even it out" so any dishing is no longer visible but it doesn't address the need to back the toe at length at ground level. Your farrier is correct that not every horse needs a "Mustang roll" but they all need to have the breakover set in the correct location. If there is any dishing occurring in the dorsal wall, that is a red flag that the toe length at ground level is ahead of where it needs to beand needs to be taken back.

We all change what we do over time, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. It's part of continuing to learn but in the process one needs to also evaluate the changes implemented to see if they end up being improvements or not. Then make more changes based on the evidence.

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