pergolide dose & testing questions

Ann Conn

Cornell finalized report
Sampled 08/14/2018
Received 08/16/2018
Finalized. 08/22/2018

ACTH. 51.0 pg/ml
Insulin 76.8 ulU/ml
Leptin12.01 ng/ml
Glucose 99mh/dl

Horse...KR Azeem, Arabian gelding, 03/25/2001
Has been on one tablet Prascend since last Oct. 3rd.
Eats less than 1/4 pound per day of triple crown Lite to take Prascend, and take California trace plus, salt, etc....
He ate Stabul one for several weeks then stopped...refused it even without supplements or only mixed with Lite, or just by itself...
He will eat Stabul treats by themselves.
Eats giant Bermuda from California...big 3 strand bales...loves it...hay nets but eats every bite that falls through or anything.

Am titrating up Prascend dose...aiming for 2 tablets, but will need to switch to equivalent dose of compounded pergolide fairly soon.

This bloodwork cost $299.00, so would like to save next blood test till after he's been on full compounded dose for whole month at least.
Than only ACTH and insulin.
His hooves are great...trimmed every 3 weeks by wonderful Rebecca who attended ECIR conference last October.
She and the vet both like his body condition...don't change anything. Ribs can be seen, especially when he moves.
He is 15.1...between 170-190. Don't have anyone to ride him and too hot now anyway...98-100+ every day.

I only have an iPhone 5 , but can occasionly borrow older iPad, so haven't attempted case history at all. Plus, I am 72, severely technologically
challenged, but have been reading everything you send out for quite a while. My former trimmer, Marcia Hermann, attended 2015 conference
and recommended you. I believe that if she hadn't, if I hadn't learned from ECIR, if I had followed former vets advice...thyroid l and corrective
shoeing with pads to elevate heels, horse would be dead.
Instead...he is alive...beautiful and brilliant (ask him).
I adore him and am deeply indebted to the group.
Will appreciate any advice you give.

Ann and Azeem
Central Texas

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