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No chance that he's having a bout of azortoria/tying up, is there? I
assume NOT if the vets have looked at him... but mentioning just in

Desert Springs Sport Horses
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But, now he's very sore in the hindquarters. The vet and the
farrier aren't sure what's going on. Seems NOT to be his feet or his
fetlock joints. Maybe in his hocks or hips. His back muscles are
not sore. The vet thinks his balance was thrown off by the way he
was standing when his front feet were sore.

Anyone had a similar situation? He's very uncomfortable in the

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Does anyone on the list with a laminitic/foundered Cushing's
horse use
Isoxuprine in their management? I'd be interested to hear about

My 20-year-old Morgan gelding was diagnosed with Cushing's when
he had one
bout of laminitis in January '99. He was immediately started on
Isoxuprine at
that time (in conjunction with Cypro, Thyro-L and Bute).

As I understand it, Isoxuprine is a vasodilator, which helps
blood flow
return from the hoof up into the leg. Therefore, it's helpful

"Bug" was slowly weaned off Isoxuprine in the months following
his laminitic
bout, but I keep a bottle on hand and monitor his pedal pulses
carefully. If he seems to be having a bad day or week, he gets a
low dosage
for a couple of days. My vet approves of this, and even
encourages me to
place him on a low dosage when he's being slowly introduced to
grass in the

Paula Brown
Poland, ME


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