Re: Moving a laminitc rescue pony-Lavinia- rads up 2nd request

Kim Leitch

I have trimmed Bella three times now, but I am unconfident, I really need your advice.  I posted front pics after I trimmed her yesterday. She kicks so badly with the rear feet, that I am not doing well on them.  The girl that takes the pictures is afraid to take the rear ones, for fear her camera will become a casualty. The rears had the worst rotation, and I am able to lower the heels, barely, I can't work on the toes. On the fronts, I have lowered the lateral walls more than the medial, and she is standing and walking much straighter, but she still toes out slightly. I am afraid to take too much toe, since she has so much heel.  Her collateral grooves measure 1 1/4-1 1/2 inches at the back. Her frogs appear to be sloughing off this trim.
Her feet became comfortable after four days on a correct diet, but I have hesitated to work her on line to improve her manners, because her feet are so compromised.
I know you are busy, but I would appreciate markups.
Kim 10-2014

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