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Hi Jenna,

First of all, good for you for testing your hay!!  Yes, that's correct, ESC + Starch is what we are looking for.  That looks like nice hay.  In addition to the low ESC + starch, the ADF and NDF are good.  The iron is a tad high, but easily balanced.  I'd actually be so happy if I could get hay with that iron level!  This message from Jaini will help you to get a general idea about how to assess hay: 

I also looked at your CH on Finnur and see that he is "fat" and getting free choice hay.  He sure is cute, but I agree he is too fat.  We recommend that you feed 2% of his ideal weight of 1.5% of his current weight (whichever is more) to help reduce weight.  Are you using slow feeder bags?  I also see that he is getting Barn Bag Hay Balancer.  Nice that they list the ingredients in an easily understandable format--second column in this link for 1/2 cup:  Unfortunately, this won't come any where near to balancing your hay and at 10.8% fat, it's way too high in fat for an IR horse!  Now that you have your hay analysis, reach out to someone on the balancing list for help getting it balanced: 

I also see in your CH that Finnur has sweet itch.  My Chancey also had horrible sweet itch before I found this group.  Once I got him on a low sugar starch mineral balanced diet the sweet itch went away.  Prior to that, I also had good results with a product called Calm Coat:  I sprayed his belly (this was his worst area) first with Bactine and then applied the Calm Coat--twice a day, never miss a dose, and this routine really helped to keep things under control.  With a little math you can make your own formula for a lots less $$.  View the ingredients list here: 

Hope that helps!
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March 2011
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