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Hi Ferne! It's great to hear from another Icelandic owner! Finnur is about 13.3 hands (he was advertised as 14 hands when I bought him but I think that was exaggerated a bit). I would say his bone structure is a bit stockier than some of the finer-boned Icelandics. I have been really unsure what an "ideal weight" for him would be since he's on the tall side for his breed and has been overweight for so long. It is helpful to hear that your Icelandic is only about 600 lbs. That makes me think that maybe I should be aiming a bit lower for Finnur's ideal weight. He is around 900 lbs now, so there is a lot of room for improvement either way!

I got a kick out of hearing that Magic loves to chase around his donkey buddy! Finnur's favorite activity is chasing around (and generally tormenting) his big quarter horse buddy! Icelandics sure do have a knack for mischief! :)

Thanks again for sharing and giving me a frame of reference for another Icelandic. I'm so glad to hear Magic is doing well now!
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