Re: New Cornell results--ACTH down from 90-55 do I increase CP?

Nancy C

Hi Laura

This looks good for P, IMO. As always I bow to Dr Kellon and Clougher.

It appears he is at the top of seasonal rise for a normal horse. However, I'd want to make sure I was keeping an eye on any other symptoms.  Because Beau was so IR, I has to keep his ACTH in the teens to minimize laminitis. I'm sure you have noted that P has gone back to compensated IR.

These two messages are oldies but goodies. Make sure you re-read Patty's on how to monitor scale of symptoms:

Increase Pergolide Message (Scale of Symptoms) by Patti

Seasonal Rise When to Test ACTH Message by Eleanor

Here is link to Liphook graph on seasonal rise

If you do decide to increase, whether an increased dose can be brought back down after seasonal rise will honestly be up to him.  I'd retest  early in the year if it is in the budget.

Nancy C in NH
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