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As a pharmacist I'll say - you cannot write for a branded product which has no substitutions and expect to get a substitution - even if you write a note - it would need to be clarified.  Pharmacists cannot guess at the intention of the proscriber.  And you wouldnt want them to.  Your vet did not write as Jani recommended above.  "x mg of pergolide as pergolide mesylate".  Perhaps the Vets local pharmacy has worked with this vet before and knows how to clarify for legality - but by law the pharmacy cannot do what the vet wrote.  It sounds like the pharmacy tried to clarify and most likely it was a tech talking to a tech which further confused the issue.  If you are calling Laura RPH back most likely she can help clear things up for you.  Once things get ironed out you probably won't have further issues - just guessing because I don't know this pharmacy at all but IMO these things usually work out.  Vets are not used to dealing with pharmacys or the laws which must be followed.  This has caused me distress for my own animals in the past
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