Re: Searching archives and interpreting ACTH results in fall

Saucier Kathy

Thank you so much Lavinia!
Clear as mud?  No, actually very very helpful!
Good news is my vet uses Cornell.  I'm impressed that this young vet is actually up on some things like using Cornell and doing the ACTH test.
Insulin was 88.06 uIU/ml
Glucose was 129 mg/dL

The same day as I wrote, I went back out to check and the crest had softened already. I was thrilled.
Thanks for the advice on the hay.  I did cut back too much and he was starving so I have redone my calculations of 2% ideal weight.  But I have a question about that.  If he gets 1 lb daily of the balancer and 12 ounces of the alfalfa pellets, do you subtract this from the total pounds to get the hay poundage or is this percentage for just the hay?  He has always measured around 1050-1100 lbs (but taping to 1150 2 weeks ago).  If I want to slim him to 1000 and calculate 2% to 20 lbs, I changed the hay amount to 18 lbs to take into consideration these other parts of his diet.  Is this wrong and I should give him 20 lbs hay?  When he gained weight and started the sheath swelling and crest hardening, he was consuming closer to 25+ lbs a day as the bale was in a net with 2 inch holes (plus the grass coming in with the rains).

Looking through the emergency diet and the magnesium oxide, is there any problem using human products that are magnesium oxide since I have it on hand for myself?  They are 250 mg tabs.  I've been putting 2 (500mg) in with the alfalfa pellets for now until I can really get down and do hay testing, etc. and work the real needs.  Is it safe to go more in the interim to get up to the emergency diet amounts?  Lucky for me he has no problem with eating vitamin E capsules and the magnesium tablets.

Grazing muzzle is on order.  First one was too large.  Do I remember right to use duct tape on the center hole, outside and inside?

My responses to email are a bit long in-between with my son's wedding in 3 days and lots of family in town.  But I did print off and study your great help for the last couple days.  Thank you so very much!!
Kathy Saucier

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