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Hi Eva.  You asked about specific products and suppliers.  I previously used Horse Tech's whey protein isolate.  At 2.2 lbs for $33.95 (a month's worth at their suggested dose), it appears somewhat cheaper than the NOW product Cass recommended.  I also used the Uckele Tri-Aminos in combination with the whey protein, as recommended here, to aid protein utilization.  My focus was to try to stop/reverse the muscle wasting from PPID.   (I measured the sag in his topline by placing a long ruler from withers to croup, then used a tape measure to gauge the distance between the long ruler to his back at the saggiest point.  Very unscientific. I took pictures every month).   After 3 months, I couldn't really say there was a difference, and it was quite expensive.  Given other priorities, I discontinued those products and opted instead to add in a half-flake of alfalfa (at no added cost from my boarding facility).  While that solution has been economical, without an analysis, it's nothing more than a shot in the dark, so I haven't been fully comfortable with it.  I recently discovered that My Best Horse has added a new product called Top 3 Aminos (2 lbs/$24).  Since reading the comments about split peas on this thread (thank you once again, Cass!), I may try once again to address the probable protein gap in his all-Bermuda diet by eliminating the half-flake of alfalfa and adding dried split peas plus Top 3 Aminos to his carrier.  Thanks, all, for this discussion!
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