Re: SECOND REQUEST: When is it appropriate to increase ratio of iron:copper:zinc?


Hi Bonnie...yes, the reason I have been using the Mountain Sunrise Timothy Pellets is because I have been testing thru Equi-Analytical various bagged pellets and Mountain Sunrise seems to test pretty consistently lower in iron than other bagged pellets. My last testing done in May 2018 is under the Files analyses for various feeds.  That being said, I know there is fluctuation in the bags for any of these bagged pellets, including the Triple Crown Timothy Balance Cubes.  I have called Mountain Sunrise and there is no identifier available for the same batch on their bags unfortunately.  I can only do what I can do when there is no other alternative for Chip than to eat the soaked pellets due to lack of teeth.  I wish there was a better alternative but just the processing of the pellets creates higher iron in the product.  I will continue to test bags periodically but Mountain Sunrise was also recommended to me by another respected ECIR member who tests this product as well and found this company to be fairly consistent in low iron for the pellets.  I wish I could do something different, and I have tried shredding regular hay through a shredder....six times through....but that is not working very well for Chip right now.  Thanks for your suggestions.  I appreciate it!
Oregon, USA
Oct 2012
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