Re: Isoxuprine


I am not sure it is the same, but I do know that many times I have seen
Pandora Mule lift those back feet up to knee level, hold them, then put them
down. To someone who didn't know her, it would seem that she was having hoof
pain, but truly it is muscle aches, and yes, it does come from trying to bear
weight differently because of tender tootsies, usually her fronts. So she
does this to relieve what I am sure is tightness. When the vet first saw
this, she said, "Uh OH!" and I said I was pretty sure we were seeing muscle
pain/strain, not hoof problems. I do believe many times we know our animals
best, and yes, they are all individuals. I know that many times as a nurse,
I have had to remind myself and others that all patients do not fit in to
neat little pigeon holes with labels on them. Keep watching and see what
happens next. I actually keep a written journal in WORD, just so I can
refer to it and see when, what, and how because I often think I will NEVER
forget, but I do! Just an idea that has paid off for me!
Kay, who needs to go feed those ladies at the barn right now

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