Compounding pharmacies & titraing up dosage of pergolide

Saucier Kathy

Thank you Lavinia for the link for compounding pharmacies.

I have two questions.


Many years ago I received my pergolide from Ian Hudgings with Vet Pet Solutions/Thriving Pets.

Have they changed their name or are they in existence?  This one was not listed.


Secondly I found a message in the archives about starting at .25 mg and going up every 3 or 4 days by another .25 until reaching the 1 mg prescribed.  So will the pharmacies issue some number of .25mg and 1 mg capsules?  I calculate I would need 18 of the .25mg to start there and add another .25mg each 3 days until I reach the time to start 1 mg.


Kathy Saucier




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