Re: Compounding pharmacies & titraing up dosage of pergolide

Paula Hancock

On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 05:12 PM, Saucier Kathy wrote:
I have two questions
Hi Kathy,
You can search the previous messages on Thriving Pets to get more information:

Yes, it is recommended to increase the dose by 0.25 mg increments to reach the target 1 mg.  There are different ways of doing that.  If your vet writes a prescription for whatever you need to do that, that is one way.  Another option is to open the 1 mg capsule, dissolve the powder into 10 mls of water, give 2.5 mls on day one, refrigerate the rest, and give 2.5 mls the next three days.  If your horse seems to tolerate that okay, then dissolve another cap as before and give 5 mls, store cold over night and give another 5 mls.  Repeat that to get four days at that dose.  Make sense?  You can also do the dose titration with Prascend if your vet will sell you whatever number of pills you need.  I am not sure what the most cost effective way to do it is.
Hope that helps!
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