Prascend versus compounded pergolide

Saucier Kathy

I know this topic has been discussed a lot.  Just spent the last couple hours reading files and message archives.

After placing an order for compounded pergolide from Thriving Pets and waiting for the prescription request they sent to the vet to be approved, I got what I expected.  The vet says it is illegal for him to write this prescription, that he can only do Prascend.  He will match any online pharmacy price though.  Also brought up all the regular stuff we hear about efficacy of compounded not being trusted.  He shared a link to an article from 2010 by Dr. Nancy Loving comparing compounded pergolide ( article).  I know some places are less reliable than others. 
I could debate this with him but I'm feeling like spending more money is worth not going through the hassle and possibly turning my vet away from wanting to treat my horse if I'm too difficult a customer.

I've been comparing prices online to use for him to match or give me a prescription from and here is what I have found.  I would like to know if anyone else has found a better price.  Hope this is ok to ask.
Valley Vet will do 60 tablets for $132.95.  That comes out just over $2 per day, with free shipping.
Next best I have found is $3/day.
Of course the pergolide would have been under $1 day.
So is $2 a day the best we can find for Prascend?

Kathy Saucier
Grayson, 19 yr old TWH

I promise to get a case history up after this weekend when I'm back on my home computer with all the tests and notes.

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