What dose can I restart J-herb at?


Thinking of restarting J-herb on Sadie as she may have another abscess brewing.  it's been hard to figure out but this morning, I'm more inclined to think this way.  I soaked her feet in epsom salt with aloe vera and will do this twice daily.

Many months ago, I had been trying to get her on the J-herb but was not having success with her gums turning pink even at 1 tsp.  I also give APF and I need her on this in case I have to increase her Prascend as she goes through a very bad pergolide veil.  At that time, she had an abscess brewing and it did break open but not sure if this was coincidental or not with the J-herb since my dose apparently was not at an effective dose.

However, I would like to start her on it again just in case an abscess is brewing.  Could I just restart her today at 1 tsp and not wean her up to this since I am giving APF also and I had no prior luck with her gums turning pink? 
Oregon, USA
Oct 2012
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