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Elaine S. <horselover60@...>

Well to start with my MFT was diagnosed with IR 11 months ago and now she is so much better, has lost weight, her feet aren't bothering her anymore and I guess I am looking for a maintenance plan for her.  I have her on Triple Crown 30% Balancer when I can get it and if not I get the Lite.  I also have her on Command IR Ultra which helps with the cresty neck and fat pockets.  She is also on grass hay unsoaked and on pasture with muzzle when grass is high but when not like in the winter the muzzle is off.
So like I said I'm looking for a maintenance plan.  Haven't been riding due to lameness and weather here in AZ.  But once the weather gets better I'm going to start working her again. 

Elaine Scribner

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