Morgan mare is laminitic

Cheryl Oickle

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Date: Fri, Oct 19, 2018 at 8:56 PM
Subject: Morgan mare is laminitic
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Does chaste berry interact with pergolide?

Hi i have a 17 year old mare that has developed severe laminitis.  It has been intermittent since June. When i think shes over it and her analgesic is off we hand walk . We have had episodes of failure and then sudden remission and does not tolerate her hoof trims at all. We are under the excellent care of a farrier and vet team. To no avail the lo sugar hay balanced minerals and beet pulp soya hull mixture has helped for short periods only.initial dx was IR now we have upped it to pre cushings.  We have started her on pergolide. Im at wits end watching her suffer.  Her baseline bloods per vet were normal fasting insulin sugar ratioes and her weight was not the issue. Acth levels were a little high only but numeric results were not accurate as specimen was thawed upon arrival to lab. Her sister has cushings of note. Jewel had xrays done in june shiwing 9 degree rotation to rt front and 7 to lt front.  She had one previous epiisode in 2010 at that time she was over weight. She responded to diet bute and weight loss and we never looked back...until now.  We were riding 100 miles a month until june of this she can barely walk or at times stand.  Please help me. Im devastated at watching her suffer.  Are we on the right track? There is a lot of debate around icing and cold hosing and i neef an opionion on this.we are giving bute twice a day one gram each dose.  Shes approx 800lb...thank you

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