Blood work

Shevawn Romine

I have uploaded case history for Shevawn and Cassie now any feedback appreciated. Reviewed your welcome document.  Currently in acute laminitis episode, have made vet appointment for blood work for ACTH , insulin, glucose & Leptin.  - they suggested another lab vs. Cornell to be less expensive - is this ok or should I insist on Cornell?   But Cornell is only one that can do Leptin,  correct?   Not sure if they can get xrays as if she is standing,  she cannot give foot.   She is in a small pen with run in shed now.   Have stopped TC Lite and Standlee pellets, and am soaking hay and ordering Swanson natural Vitamin E capsules - are those broken and put on feed or just dropped in feed?   Spent a small fortune for Nuzu to be shipped via mail as not able to find anyone in my area to go in at TSC.   Anything that would be helpful for pain?   Easyboot Cloud didn't seem to make a difference and was hard to get on so I have left them off.  

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